SSNB Update August’17

August 2, 2017: TASS-NB ( The Alliance to Stop Spraying in NB) held a well attended press conference that was in Fredericton, NB.
– Dr. Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy, one of SSNB Inc.’s spokes people
– Kevin Shaw, Miramichi Headwaters Salmon Federation
– Frank Johnston, presenting on behalf of Morris Shannon from Right Not to be Poisoned
– Louise Melanson, Fredericton Chapter of Council of Canadians provided French translation
Please view 6 uploaded Youtube clips of the complete TASS-NB press conference: here is a link to clip 1. Click on that and you will see the others.
We had a very good morning. Media present:
– TJ ( no story yet…)
– NB Media Coop
Wed. August 2: Interview with Todd Veinotte with SSNB spokes person Dr. Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy . It is a 30 minute interview which allowed Caroline to touch on spraying, our coalition with other groups, the GLARING ABSENCE of CBC, the TJ journalist but no article yet (although a very slanted article did finally appear in the Times & Transcript on August 8’17), and zero interest from nbpoli. Caroline highlighted the farce that is ‘NB Forest Management’, and the job numbers that are low. Here’s a link to the show (the interview starts at 22 minutes):
           August 11’17: In the studio with (7 minutes) about SSNB, why we should be concerned about forest and                NB Power spraying, the suffering deer population and how a Facebook group became a registered ngo.

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