SSNB Sends Letters to Urge NB Political Parties to Table and Debate a Bill to Stop Spraying NB

In anticipation of the upcoming 60th NB Legislature, which is scheduled to open on Tuesday November 19, 2019, SSNB has just sent letters to each NB political party with elected MLAs, whereby we request a meeting as soon as possible to discuss drafting a bill to #StopSprayingNB. A year into this new government we need to see political parties willing to draft a bill to ban herbicide spraying on public forests and NB Power rights-of-ways. 

Supporters, this is a two-step process: after a bill is tabled, the party that tabled the bill needs to present it for debate. The legislature does not sit for many weeks as we all know, so time is of the essence. 

We encourage our supporters to spread the word, and we also URGE our supporters to contact and pressure their own MLA for action on this issue.
Please remember that they were elected by their constituents and should be held accountable. Even if you are sure that your MLA does not care, they NEED to hear from you, the electorate.