SSNB CALL to ACTION (the 2020 spray season is about to start)

The 2020 forest herbicide spray season is about to begin and the 2020 herbicide spray map has been published on the forestinfo website.

WE NEED YOU to participate in our new campaign:

#WheresJeff? #WheresBlaine? #WheresMike?

We have a Covid-safe activity for our supporters who feel impatient about no action by our premier and ministers of DNRE and DOELG on forest herbicide spraying, as we approach another forest spray season.

Please join SSNB board members Donald Bowser, Bruce Dryer, Kim Copp, Joel MacIntosh and I if you are also wondering where Mike Holland, Blaine Higgs and Jeff Carr are on this issue, contact Don or I! We have signs (also of Jeff Carr), and are looking to have YOU, our supporters help us by taking selfie shots with our new signs in as many clearcuts as possible.

  • We need you to pose in as many of your favourite clearcuts with our new signs.
  • Choose which sign you would like to pose with (all three if you like or pose with 2 friends).
  • Please REUSE the signs by passing them on to friends to do the same photo-op, or return to us if not too much trouble. Of course you can put the sign on your property AFTERWARDS.
  • Too far away for a sign pickup? We can send you the pdf so you can print your own paper signs at home. Please don’t sell these though 😉.
  • As a thanks for your participation we won’t charge you for the signs, but please remember that they cost us $14 each (incl tax). So please don’t waste them. DONATIONS WELCOME of course so we can buy more! (e-transfer to EMAIL US YOUR PASSWORD! Or a cheque works too to our Petitcodiac mailing address 31 Main Street, Petitcodiac E4Z4L8)-
  • EMAIL us if you want to participate in this campaign to:
Off route 780 on a plantation that has been previously sprayed with glyphosate.
Twin Rivers off the 107
Off 114 near South Branch. This plantation was sprayed 5 years ago.

OUR SIGNS for this campaign: