Not good news: In 2022, NB Power started using Garlon-XRT to control vegetation on power right-of-ways.

NB Power switched from using Glyphosate to Garlon-XRT in 2022 to control vegetation. This product is by no means safer than glyphosate-based products.

Another reminder that tunnel vision on glyphosate will not win our fight for better forestry without herbicides PERIOD.

Last fall, GNB bragged in a commitee meeting that glyphosate was no longer being used by NB Power (as recommended by the Standing Committee in their recommendations to the Legislature) but did not inform our MLAs that this new herbicide was being used now.

LINK to the recommendations to the Legialative assembly by the legislative Standing Commitee on Climate change and Environmental Stewardship on Glyphoste-based products use in forestry in New Brunswick:

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