SSNB Updates: November 2017

November 9, 2017: CBC Political Panel on Crown Forest Herbicide (Glyphosate) Spraying.
Political parties discuss glyphosate, a chemical that’s caused controversy in the province (Crown Forest herbicide spraying) and around the world.
  • MLA Andrew Harvey (Liberal Party) Riding: Carleton-Victoria
  • MLA Ross Wetmore (PCNB) Riding: Gagetown-Petitcodiac
  • MLA David Coon (NB Green Party) Riding: Fredericton South
  • Kris Austin (Leader, People’s Alliance Party NB)
  • Jennifer McKenzie (Leader, NBNDP)

The Dr. Vrain tour (Oct. 30-Nov.2 2017) was put together by SSNB and hosting community groups Écovie;  Right Not To Be Poisoned; Notre Environnement, Notre Choix. There were four well attended events in;
– St. Louis-de-Kent
– Edmundston
– Petitcodiac
– Fredericton Junction
CBC article Nov.6’17 (incl. podcast of CBC Infoam interview of that day):
Notable parts from the article, but please read all of it and listen to the podcast (link to podcast is embedded in this article or separate link here: Podcast of CBC Info am interview (Nov.6’17):
“In most soil it takes weeks and months. There’s a study done in Sweden where they still found the glyphosate three years later.” “Once introduced into the environment, glyphosate is remarkably stable, he said. Although Vrain believes glyphosate is a risk to human health, he said no research has been done on humans.” “In recent years, research on animals, including rats and pigs, has found they become chronically diseased even with small doses of glyphosate, Vrain said.” “He said the animals have developed cancer, kidney and liver disease and obesity.” ALSO, mentioned in the podcast: The EPA increased increased permissible limits in food content without any research to support this increase.
Radio Canada: “Un Spécialiste du glyphosate en tournée au Nouveau Brunswick”  Interview with Dr. Thierry Vrain, molecular biologist, this morning at radio-Canada radio // interview with Dr. Thierry vrain this morning at radio-Canada “the awakening” with Michel Doucet.
Acadie Nouvelle:
Dennis Report: Thierry Vrain: Glyphosate, Food, and your Gut (Food) interview: (Link soon)
August 2, 2017: A well attended press conference that was in Fredericton, NB.
– Dr. Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy, SSNB Inc.’s spokes person
– Kevin Shaw, Miramichi Headwaters Salmon Federation
– Frank Johnston, presenting on behalf of Morris Shannon from Right Not to be Poisoned
– Louise Melanson, Fredericton Chapter of Council of Canadians provided French translation
Please view 6 uploaded Youtube clips of the complete TASS-NB press conference: here is a link to clip 1. Click on that and you will see the others.
We had a very good morning. Media present:
– TJ ( no story yet…)
– NB Media Coop
Wed. August 2: Interview with Todd Veinotte with SSNB spokes person Dr. Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy . It is a 30 minute interview which allowed Caroline to touch on spraying, our coalition with other groups, the GLARING ABSENCE of CBC, the TJ journalist but no article yet (although a very slanted article did finally appear in the Times & Transcript on August 8’17), and zero interest from nbpoli. Caroline highlighted the farce that is ‘NB Forest Management’, and the job numbers that are low. Here’s a link to the show (the interview starts at 22 minutes):
           August 11’17: In the studio with (7 minutes) about SSNB, why we should be concerned about forest and                  NB Power spraying, the suffering deer population and how a Facebook group became a registered ngo.