The NB 2019 herbicide spray map is available on-line.

 The 2019 spray map (licenses issued for herbicide spraying on our NB forests) has been posted! Have fun trying to navigate this map, to see if forest spraying is planned near you!


A few examples of what the patches with spray licenses look like. Over 15,000 hectares will be sprayed again this year, just like the past years, so any reductions mentioned by the current PC government are truly a drop in the bucket. 

NOTE: The dark green patches do not pop up until you have zoomed in, and have “turned on” all the layers. Type in your community and zoom in to check…and takes a while for every detail to upload.

Colours represent the following:

  • Very very light green patches are: Crown land
  • Pink patches are private (Industrial freehold) land.
  • Dark green patches: areas with spray licenses

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