What Can I Do?

WRITE A LETTER TO YOUR MLA! (new letter campaign started March’23):

Download and print here:





You need to download and print the petition (mailing address at the bottom of the petition page). We will submit this for you. NB Govt only recognizes hand-written petition signatures. Almost 36,000 signatures have been tabled at the NB Legislature between Dec’15-Fall’22.


Every MLA has a duty to be available to you on Mondays!

NEW ACTION ITEM for our supporters: set up an appointment with your MLA in your local constituency office on a Constituency Monday and BRING our new, informative pamphlet full of facts. TELL your MLA that you want to see action on #StopSprayingNB.


SSNB is seeking signed STOP SPRAYING PLEDGES BY MLAs, PARTY LEADERS, POLITICAL CANDIDATES.Stop Spraying NB is urging supporters to collect SIGNED (with a witness signature) PLEDGE FORMS, on which we have detailed what needs to be done by politicians to achieve our goal. The pledge specifies clearly what we are after:”will take concrete action towards the banning of herbicide spraying on public lands in New Brunswick. This will include:· Working to raise awareness of the issue in the Legislature, the Executive, and my constituents;· Drafting a bill with the assistance of Stop Spraying New Brunswick (SSNB);· Tabling and debating this bill in the Legislature of NB;· Actively work towards gaining support for this bill together with SSNB among elected MLAs.”

DOWNLOADABLE PDFs of the PLEDGE in English and French:

SSNB SUPPPORTERS: If you want to help us out with this send an email to stopsprayinginnewbrunswick@gmail.com please and thanks!

It is important that all MLAs, party leaders, political candidates are approached.

SSNB PAMPHLET ( English and French):

Printable PDFs below (you can print in Black & White as well):

Contact your MLA

The most important thing you can do is to contact your MLA and let your opinions be known. We will post information in the near future to help people with this action.

For a list of your current MLAs, click here.


Get out and vote in Provincial Elections.
Get educated on the political parties who support the ban of spraying and include it in their platform, and those who do not.

Join our Facebook Group

A good way to add your voice is to join our Facebook group. Strong membership numbers add leverage to our voice when we speak out. Even if you’re not interested in following the activities of the group your support of our efforts counts when we want to be heard.
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NB Power ‘do not spray’ List

  • If you have a concern about spraying on an NB Power easement that crosses your property, call her manager Rick Doucet at 470-8748 and they will have a look at it.
  • NB Power is subject to strict spraying guidelines that are prescribed by NB DOE. NB Power spraying contractors are not subject to the same strict guidelines.
  • There is no information about the NB Power spraying program on their website. Planned spraying will be listed in newspapers.

CBC reporter Shane Fowler stated that, through an access to information request, they learned that some but not all requests to be added to the ‘do not spray’ list were granted.

Articles regarding NB Power spraying: